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WiFi & Telehealth updates

Posted on: December 11, 2020


We are continuously working to ensure our students have access to sufficient WiFi connection in order to be successful during remote learning. WiFi hotspots are still being disbursed, but the majority of the hotspots have gone out to families. So far, we have received positive feedback on the running of the hotspots. We have also received the WiFi bus solution hardware, and we will be arranging to get those installed on the busses as soon as possible so that our students have access to the Internet while traveling to and from school. 

In addition, we are making headway with Telehealth. We are installing hardware into the rooms, but we are still waiting on some hardware to be shipped. Ideally by the time the rest of the equipment arrives, we will have everything in place for our new Telehealth rooms. We have at least one more location to finish up with redundancy fiber, which is in the process of being completed. We are aiming to have that completed by Christmas break. 

Each of the schools will have a dedicated room except Skyvue Elementary. Skyvue will have the ability to be mobile due to room availability constraints. The IT Department is working with the fellow staff to get hardware delivered and installed to each location.